Who should use SpeciaLListed?

Anyone! SpeciaLListed is the perfect complement to any planner. Whether you organize activities and experiences for your office or you create events for clients SpeciaLListed can help. Meeting/Event Planners, Office Managers, Experience Leaders, Culture Club Leaders, Operations, Facilities Directors or Team Leaders can all benefit from the help of SpeciaLListed!

Why is it easier to use SpeciaLListed than finding my own activities?

SpeciaLListed has carefully curated a list that will save you and your team time. We have used our resources to find the best in the business, the most unique activities and the vendors you will want to work with.

Can SpeciaLListed bill me for the services I book?

Yes and it would be our pleasure! We can consolidate your bill to bring all the activities and vendors you need together on one invoice. Accounting will be very happy.

How much does it cost to use SpeciaLListed?

SpeciaLListed charges a 5% concierge fee for each invoice. We are not a subscription service so use our site, find something you love, and we'll talk! We promise we will make your life easier when you are planning an experience.

Is there tax?

Yes and No. In New York City there is a 4.5% service tax on the following services: Manicures & Spa Services, Haircuts, Massages, Handyman Services & Office Remodeling/Design

What do I do if I need to cancel my experience?

Please try to cancel no later than 48 hours before your service is scheduled to avoid any charges. Each one of our vendors requires different preparation and specific scheduling to execute their services. Some of our vendors also require extensive planning to execute their services. Each cancellation policy will be discussed before booking with each specific experience.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my experience?

SpeciaLListed will do anything and everything within our power to provide you with great service. If you're not satisfied with your experience,we will work something out that will make things right.

Can I set up a recurring experience or vendor with SpeciaLListed?

We would love to! Many of our vendors can set up recurring services and activities. We can always discuss using a weekly or monthly schedule. Feel free to ask!

Can I recommend a new vendor or activity for SpeciaLListed?

Of course you can; we love new ideas! We always look for the best experiences for our clients.

Will SpeciaLListed help plan my event or team activity?

When you work with SpeciaLListed you get the best service guaranteed. We will use our resources and time to make sure your activity has everything you need.

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