Mike Cranmer

Mike Cranmer can create the perfect soundtrack to your corporate event. He is an acoustic guitar player with 25 years’ experience, capable of playing music from a wide selection of genres with great flexibility. Mike is known as the "guy who knows a million songs." He is available as a solo player or with one of his bands – Setting Suns or Los Huevos. You can also review some of Mike's creative work at

Setting Suns explores the "rootsier" side of the musical spectrum with a mix of blues, country in various shades, and rock. This is available as a duo or as four pieces, depending on spatial considerations and budget.

Los Huevos’ tagline is "left of the dial, right of the Hudson.” This is a set for people who really love their music. With lots of deep tracks that elicit the "OMG I can’t believe they’re playing that song,” they play a carefully curated set of music from the 80’s, 2nd British Invasion, college radio from this side of the pond, classic and quirky. This band can be a duo or trio, depending on space and budget.

Rates: $350 for Acoustic Set. $1000 for Los Huevos & Setting Suns as a duo $1250 for a trio $2000 for Setting Suns 4 piece band


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