Matias Letelier

Matias is the new hottest Corporate Magician in NY and founder of Fun Corporate Magic! We guarantee his charming accent along with his unique blend of top-notch magic, mental-ism, clean comedy, high energy, pickpocket, and (most importantly) lots of audience participation will keep your guests engaged and entertained, making your next private or corporate event fun, exciting and memorable.

We call Matias the Corporate Entertainer Specialist because he knows how to delight your guests with Fun Corporate Magic! Many times throughout the year he helps make corporate events fun, entertaining and exciting. The best style of entertainment for event such as yours, is a fun and interactive show where Matias performs illusions and comedy tricks; or close-up magic where the magic happens in the spectator’s hands. Both will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused and amazed. Everybody will be involved with the magic as it includes lots of active audience participation. Just imagine your guests’ faces when Matias makes a table float in the air or when he turn five $1 bills into $500!


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