Zach Mack

Hi! I'm Zach Mack and I want to teach you and your group all about beer. I will help turn every beer experience you have into a memorable one just by spending some time with me. I can make a guided beer experience and tasting interesting for anyone looking to host one, no matter what your previous experience is with beer. I have a solid list of credentials and plenty of experience as an entrepreneur (owner of a craft beer bar and store), writer, Certified Cicerone® (a certification of beer expertise similar to sommelier certification for wine), consultant, and beer educator based in New York City. I'm the owner of Alphabet City Beer Co. on Avenue C in New York City. I am currently a beer contributor at Thrillist, and I've appeared on podcasts and radio shows, including Beer Sessions Radio with Jimmy Carbone and Heritage Radio Networks roundtable discussions. Let me help make your next beer event unforgettable!

Rates: $250 for 2 hours.


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